How to test application is Flash?

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Manual of flash animation is as simple as making sure that objects do what they are supposed to do. Since flash by hand is not a programming language. Most developers think about it a toy. So the giant companies won't think about automation plug-ins for Flash objects. If the application is a flash: e-learning implementation:
1. Need to know the configuration of hardware, because if this movie contains some heavy pics or movie files then it works slowly, and it is a mistake.
For any and all images and the film should be lightweight, to the extent of quality, he says.
2. File naming convention
3. Flash detection
4. Objects should do what is supposed to do
5. Etc.
If the application is a flash: Web Application:
1. File size must be lightweight, because most users do not have high speed, load tests necessary
2. Quality of texts, images and movies

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