Testing is done to show that no errors / bugs / defects in the application product to create

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No. Not at all! Although this is a way to convey the meaning, that distances us from
the main aim of the tests

The diagnosis is the process of discovery of defects \. The aim of any check should be
his best to decipher the code. This should not be seen as a destructive activity that points a finger to find fault or the developers. In fact, the evidence should be regarded as a healthy feedback mechanism for the community of developers to take full advantage of the defects found during testing, analyzing, finding the root cause & devise appropriate mechanisms of prevention. In fact, defects found during the check helps to improve the quality of code!

A tester should seldom work under the assumption that the process works! The application product should be tested with the purpose of finding bugs. The check, which when run displays a defect in the application, is a success. Despite the evidence, by itself, does not improve application product quality is an indicator of quality. In lieu of thinking about the evidence
as a separate phase in the SDLC should be an activity that is integrated in to each phase, each &. The purpose should be the analysis & testing, design & check, create & check, check defects Fix & more \.!!

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