Tips for writing good Resume

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1. Open your resume in Word & search (Ctrl F) for words like "Join", "Participation", etc & delete the sentences that contain them. The recruiter is not interested in what all are you were involved or participated - but they / he would like to see "what they had achieved" by doing so. This is a way to rate your resume - give a negative mark every time you encounter such a word in your resume. How much did your score curriculum? Do you understand now why you are not getting interview calls?

2.Get rid of words like "responsible" or any variant of "responsibility." What attracts recruiter is action word - "obtained for systems of zero downtime I was responsible for" v / s "I was responsible for maintaining the systems & ensure that the downtime is" low. Observe the power of action. It delivers the same message, but in a power packed way. That catches the eyes that "matter" in getting a new "dream" job. It is important that you over your resume with action words full of energy, plenty of of them .

3. This is the most "useless" part of the curriculum vitae, if present. Write paragraphs on the application that you tested with the names, versions, modules, functions detailed. It appears that a copy paste of the functional or SRS (Method Requirements Specification) application product was tested. Be careful, sometimes it can land in legal matters by dragging with your employer to court for leaking information on strategic products for the public - through their curriculum vitae. This is great off for the reader - a recruiter who would be the method & see thousands of resumes in five day.

4.Do not forget the rule of thumb - five page summary for each five years of experience. Thus, a person with 8-10 years of experience should not have a resume that is over 5 pages. Less crisp is better & not as hard to read.

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