Database Concepts Views

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A view can be useful when multiple users with different access levels, they all need to see lots of information in the database (but not necessarily all information). Views can do the following:
A view is a pre-written query that is stored in the database. A view is a SELECT statement, and when you run the light

• Restrict access to specific records in a table
• Restrict access to sure columns in a table
• Present the aggregated information (such as the results of the COUNT function)
• Join columns from multiple tables and present them as if they were part of a single table

A SQL view is a virtual table, which is based on an SQL SELECT query. It is essentially a point of view is close to a table of actual database (no columns and rows like a periodic table), except for the fact that the actual tables store information, while the points of view no. The information view is generated dynamically when the view is referenced. A view refers to two or more tables of existing information bases or other points of view.Indeed every point of view is a filter information table referred to in it and filter it can restrict both the columns and rows of tables of reference.

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