Testing Web Applications

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Verification of Web-based applications have much in common with the check desktop systems: It is necessary to prove the usual functionality, configuration & compatibility as well as performing all types of standard check. But Web application testing is more difficult because complexities are multiplied by all the distributed system components that interact with the application.When they see a bug in a Web environment, it is often difficult to decide precisely where the error occurred, & because the behavior that they see or the error message you receive may be the result of errors occurring in different parts of the system Net, the error can be difficult to reproduce. How can they analyze the errors within a Web-based system, & what considerations should be made for the reproduction of such errors?

1. When they see a mistake on the client, they are seeing a symptom of an error-no error ..
2. Errors may be in code or configuration.
3. Errors can be environmentally dependent & may not appear in different environments.
4. The error may reside in any of several layers.
5. Consideration of the three kinds of static & dynamic operating environments, the different demands

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