Software Testing interview Questions at Google (Automation - Selenium RC)

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1.       Tell me about yourself & your experience.
2.       A brief about Domain working upon.
3.       Which Selenium Framework using and why.
4.       Write all the steps taken to Install Selenium RC with Platform IDE (i am using eclipse).
5.       How to start Selenium RC server (exact path with Options using).
6.       How to run parallel Test with multiple browsers with selenium rc without using Grid.
7.       Write a full selenium rc code to test login screen.
8.       How ID locator is different with XPATH locator or is ID locator is a part of XPATH locator.
9.       How to handle a login window which has 4 login screens with identical/same ID’s & Names.
10.   Rate yourself in Selenium RC.
11.   Methodology followed in your organization.
12.   Write test cases for a Bottle without any help. (a basely water bottle half emptied was placed in front of me).
Its our responsibility to answer them. Write your answer in comments section along with question number.

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