What are the Activites performed by Briliant Software test Engineer

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A test engineer is a professional who is in charge of four or more technical test Activities, "including designing test inputs, producing test case values, running test scripts, analysis results, and reporting results to developers and managers. Although they cast the description in terms of test engineers, every time Engineer Involved in application development .Should Realize that they or he wears the hat or Sometimes a test engineer. The Reason Is That Each application artifact produced over the coursework of a product's development HAS, or Should Have, an associated set of test cases, and the best person to define thesis Positioned in loss or test cases is the designer of the artifact.

A test manager is in charge of four or more test engineers. Test managers set policies and processes, interact with other managers on the project, and other wise help the engineers do their work. These requirements are then transformed in to actual values & scripts that are ready for execution. These executable tests are run against the application, denoted the results are evaluated to decide if the tests reveal a fault in the application.
These activities may be carried out by one person or by several, & the method is monitored by a test manager. One of a test engineer’s most powerful tools is a formal coverage criterion. Formal coverage criteria give test engineers ways to select what test inputs to use during testing, making it more likely that the tester will find problems in the program & providing greater assurance that the application is of high quality & reliability. Coverage criteria also provide stopping rules for the test engineers. Application testing activities have long been categorized in to levels, & one kind of levels has traditionally been used. The most often used level categorization is based on traditional application method steps. Although most types of tests can only be run after some part of the application is implementing, tests can be designed & constructed during all application development steps. The most time-consuming parts of testing are actually the test design & construction, so test activities can & should be carried out throughout development. The second-level classification is based on the attitude & thinking of the testers.

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