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This type of testing is done without any formal test plan or test case creation. It is the less formal technique of testing. One of the best uses of ad hoc tests for detection. The reading of the requirements or specifications (if any) never gives a lovely sense of how a program behaves in reality. Even user documentation can not capture the look and feel "of a program. Ad hoc tests can find holes in your test strategy, and can expose the relationships between the subsystems that would not otherwise be obvious. In this way, it serves as a device for testing the integrity of their exams finding new evidence in this way can also be a sign that you ought to perform a root cause analysis. Ask yourself or your test, "What other evidence of this kind should be walking?" Defects found by making ad hoc tests are usually examples of entire categories of test cases forgotten. Another use for ad hoc testing to select priorities for monitoring activities to others. In our example program, Panorama can permit the user to sort the photos displayed. If the evidence shows that this operation, the formal proof of this feature could be postponed until the problem areas have been done. On the other hand, if the evidence on this feature photography discovers classification problems, so the formal proof may be given a higher priority..

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