When test plan should be written?

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A common misconception is that the test plans must be written before the test. The reason behind is that it will save time and coding have been completed and will be very clear about what has been proven. The logic can operate from a standpoint of programming projects, but not from a qualitative point of view.

From a qualitative point of view, Following are the points:
-The test plans must be in writing as soon as the specifications are ready.
-If test plans are written at the beginning of the life cycle, then the errors in the specifications are found before the start of coding.
-The costs of correcting this error are much smaller than the correction of the program after it is written.
-The disadvantage of this logic is that the test plans must be amended when a change in the requirements. If you take an overall view, the benefits of writing test plans as soon as possible, far outweigh the associated costs.

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