Techinques of Requirement Testing

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Testing Requirements must confirm that the technique can perform its function correctly & that the correction can be maintained for a continuous time period. Unless the technique can work properly for an extended time period, management won't be able to trust the technique. The technique can be tested by the correction throughout the lifecycle, but it is difficult to test the reliability until the program becomes operational.


The objectives require addressing the test requirements are:
* Implement user requirements.
* Maintain the correction in long processing times.
* The handling of the file conforms to the policies of the organization & procedures.
Secondary user requirements have been included, such as:
* Security Assistant
* Database Administrator
* Internal auditors
* Records Retention Comptroller
* Accounting technique processes information in accordance with usually accepted accounting procedures.
* Processing Technique Inquiry in accordance with government regulation.

Using the testing requirements

Testing is primarily Requirements by generating test conditions & functional test lists. Test conditions are generalized in the work of requirements, & become more specific as the SDLC progresses, leading to the creation of test information to assess the application technique implemented.
When the test conditions are created from the technique documentation, defects in the documentation won't be detected through testing. When the test conditions are created from other documentation that the technique will be detected

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