What can be the bad effects when proper use cases or requirements are not given to the team?

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It will be a good idea to have proper specifications for the project. Along with the specification document Low level design document must be provided. It is easy for the team to write the test cases otherwise most of the time QA team skip the bugs and it impact the UAT.When Software goes to the first UAT then client raises the bugs which are not mentioned in the specification .At that time team feel embarrassment and gives the bad impression to the management and client also. As per my experience when requirements are not given in the specs then a lot of issues are raised and so many complexities are in the project. So if QA team has no proper document then Request to your Bussiness analyst for those documents. Following are the points which can be kept in mind:

1) IF QA team does not get proper documentation then speak to business analyst and ask for specification.
2)Once proper requirement are received then go for spec walkthrough and raise queries as much as possible.
3)IF you have any type of doubt in the any kind of functionality then always confirm the functionality because if functionality is not clear to you then how can you prepare the test cases.
4) Start working with test cases preparation and send it to your Bussiness analyst for review.
5) Bussiness analyst will go through the test cases and write the comments which will give it the good shape.
6) QA team will update the test cases and once the build will receive those test cases will be executed.
7) If you are working in small organization always take initiative and approach your new ideas to the management.
8) In small Organization success of the project depends on the hero’s hard work or luck.

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