How can software requirements specification (SRS) be tested?

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Most of the bugs in the software functional requirements are due to incomplete or wrong?" The software code, no matter how well written, can not do anything if there are ambiguities in the requirements. It is better to take the requirement and fix ambiguities in the early life cycle of development. So it's important to have the needs analysis and requirements capture of these incorrect specifications before the design and implementation phases of SDLC project. How to measure the functional requirements specification software (SRS) documents? we have to define some standard tests to measure requirements. Once every requirement is passed through these tests can be assessed and the freezing of functional requirements. Take an example. You are working on a web-based application. Requirement is as follows"Web Application must be able to serve the user queries as soon as possible"

How will freeze the condition in this case?
What are the criteria for satisfaction of needs? To get the answer this question by the parties: "How much response time is right for you?
If they say, we will accept the answer if it is within 2 seconds, then this is your measurement requirement. Freezing of this requirement and perform the same procedure for the following requirement. We have just learned of how to measure the needs and freezing the design, implementation and test. Now let's take another example. I was working on a web-based project. Client (stakeholders) specified project requirements for the initial phase of project development. My boss distributes all the equipment requirements for review. When we started the discussion on these needs, we are just amazed! Everyone had their own conception about the requirements. We have found many ambiguities in the terms "specified in requirements documents, which are then sent to the client for review and clarification. Client used many ambiguous terms, which had many different meanings, so it is difficult to analyze the exact meaning. The next version of the client's requirement document was clear enough to freeze for the design phase. In this example we have learned "Requirements should be clear and consistent"

Following criteria to test the requirements specification is "Find missing requirements"
Many project developers often do not get a clear idea about the specific modules and simply take some of the requirements, while the design phase. The requirements should not be based on assumptions. The requirements must be complete, covering every aspect of the system under development.
The specifications should indicate the two types of requirements ie what system should do and what not. Usually I use my own method to find the specified requirements. When I read the document Software Requirements Specification (SRS), I note down my own understanding of the requirements specified in addition to other requirements SRS document supposed to cover. This helps me to ask questions about the requirements not specified by what is clearer. For checking the integrity requirements, the requirements split into three sections, 'We need to implement the requirements, the needs of those that are not specified, but it' is' and third type is "type imagination of the obligation. Ensure that all requirements are addressed before the software design phase.In short the specification requirements (SRS) doc should address: functionality of the project (what must be done and what should not) Software, hardware and interfaces user interface Correction System, security and performance criteria Implementation issues (risks), if applicable

But how to decide the requirements are relevant?
Short and concise response: Set the goal of the project and ask this question: If this requirement applies cause any problems to achieve our specific objective? If not, then this requirement is irrelevant. Ask stakeholders if they really want to implement such requirements.

"The requirements should be clear and specific with no uncertainty, the criteria should be measured in terms of specific values, the criteria must be verifiable with some evaluation criteria for every need, and requirements must be complete, without any contradictions"Testing should begin at the stage obligation to avoid failure due to additional requirements. Communicate more and more with its stakeholders to clarify all requirements before beginning the design and implementation of projects.

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