Introduction to Watir - A Powerful Software Test Automation tool

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What is WATIR?

1. Web Application Testing In Ruby
2. It is a library for the Ruby language which drives Internet Explorer the same way people do;
- clicks links,
- fills in forms,
- and presses buttons.

3. Watir can also check results, such as whether expected text appears on the page.
- It can be used to test all types of web applications (ASP.Net, JSP, PHP, Rails, etc…)
4. Open Source – written by Bret Pettichord, Paul Rogers and many other contributors.

What WATIR is not?

1. Watir is not a record/playback tool.
2. However, there are several recorders “out there”
- WatirMaker
- Watir WebRecorder
- Webmetrics RIA Script Recorder (most recent discussion…they are considering open sourcing their application)
3. Watir is not a link checker
- However, you can easily write your own link checker and customize it to your specific needs.
4. Watir is not a test case management tool.
- However, you can write one in Ruby if desired.
5. Doesn't test Flash or Applets.

How does Watir work?

1. Uses the COM interface of Internet Explorer (IE)
- a.k.a ActiveX or OLE
2. Allows an external program to control IE
- Similar interfaces exist for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
3. Full access to the contents of an HTML page
4. Provides different ways to access objects