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Agile Development


Agile is a program development technique in which program is developed in short timeboxes. Each timebox called Dash. Each race is usually 30 days. little or little change function will be developed in each dash. They must plan the activities of Dash in the beginning of sprinting. Also before leaving each dash, the new code has gone through some tests.A little group of people will be working on plenty of specific characteristics only. Each gizmo consists of atleast one project manager, a developer, a Tester. One of them will be assigned as Manager of the virtual machine characteristics. Function will be built separately. And the function will combine with the main developed only if the feature is stable. It is not necessary that a team member to work on the same property. Two times they do, they can move to another team characteristics.

Pros team of characteristics:
- Clear in the evening, Dev, Tester property of each function
- Speedy change of state (Two times the property is done, you can not return)
- Errors are present in early
- Main building destabilization unlikely long
- Alpha / Beta builds are prepared soon
Cons equipment characteristics:
- It is difficult for the direct manager to assess the performance
- Since they can pass to another function two times we are done, it is difficult if there is a mistake in our earlier function.
Scrum meeting:
There will be a every day meeting called the meeting scrum, where team members meet. The scrum meeting is held a day and is usually not over 15 minutes. They must make a speedy decision at all.
For example: This requires a change in specifications, they can do that?
Finish early, what ought to I do to help?
I can not finish writing all P2, P3 check cases. I can move to the next race?
The meeting will walk with each person saying
1. What they have done since the last meeting?
2. What are they working?
3. Are they locked by another job or something?
A person will be assigned as master scrum. The scrum master has to be positive that the debate does not have much time. And the scrum master scrum tools update tasks as estimation and accumulation of products.
Pros agile development:
- Not until now to send at any time from a single feature Atlee is developed in each dash
- Simpler to estimate what can be achieved, as each dash is a short period
- Regression errors can be found immediately
- Less duplication of work on waste
- Constant communication within the group because the scrum meeting
- Collaboration more and better mood
- Increased productivity
- Fewer large surprises
- Take the changes effectively
Agile development Cons:
- Difficult to decide the ship date ahead
- Can be caught in boundless loops dash
- There is no clear requirement, design or check specifications
- Accumulation of products may grow large
- Low priority the development of check automation
- Need to give time for method testing
- Need to break great feature. It will be difficult to create large role in one dash