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Why Do Client find bugs that is missed by Tester?


Here's a familiar scenario: Testers take months or more, facts of a product. One time the product is launched, users document bugs that were found by the test team. The obvious query that arises is - how did the test team miss out on these issues?
Here are a lot of the reasons why users capture issues that the application testing team may have lost.

* The test team has not tested in an environment that is similar to what the user makes use of. This may occur for a variety of factors. It could be due to lack of knowledge of user behavior, usage scenario. When there is awareness of the user surroundings may be that the test team did not have the time or bandwidth available to test this scenario. Where there is consciousness and time, may be that the test team could not repeat the stage due to physical or logistical limitations such as availability of necessary hardware, application, peripherals, etc. it is impossible to repeat every feasible usage scenario , the tests ought to take in to consideration feasible cases or widely used.
* The steps that users follow different from what the test team followed. This can happen when users follow a different set of steps that the test team may have followed or where the order of the steps that follow is different. Even when the same set of steps are followed, if the order of the steps are different, can have different consequences.
* The user has entered a set of input information that was not covered in the work of testing. This can happen for the simple reason that it is physically impossible to test all feasible configurations of the input information. When a product is widely deployed, the likelihood that some users in some enter in to a set of values that have not experienced is likely. Although the design of the tests, the testers to pick sets of input values for testing. Errors in these decisions may also contribute to defects informed user.
* The customers reported defects that could come from code that was not tested. It may well be due to be released untested code or the current set of tests has not exercised the piece of code that users find defects. The challenges facing the application testing team increases as our products become more complex.


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