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Diffrence between Quality assurance,Quality control and Testing


Software Testing is one of the techniques of quality control. Other techniques include quality control, inspections, and reviews, walk-through of work products such as requirements, design, code and documentation.
Quality control aims to make sure that the quality of work and quality results will be constructed before work is completed. Quality control focuses on the ability of a method to produce or distribute a product or service quality. QC's purpose is to select the quality of work was completed after the work is completed. For the application quality assurance function may involve control of the application against a set of requirements and confirm that the application meets the requirements defined. QC analyzes the results of a method to select the extent to which conforms to expectations. The "control" in the QC is based on detecting issues with a product, or the capture of "poor quality" before sending to customers. Put another way, when there's cases of quality control "poor quality" implies that the group has invested resources and time to produce a product that has poor quality built in.

Quality control includes all activities necessary tactic to produce a product or service quality, while the QA is viewed from a strategic point of view. Quality control focuses on the identification of issues after they occur. Quality Control focuses on stopping issues from occurring. The DC input can feed the quality control method. For example, when encountering common issues of quality control in any area, quality control can look at improving production processes involved in the functionality or feature to minimize occurrence of similar issues in that area in the future.
Regarding the debate over whether it is appropriate to call the quality control testing or for quality control".We have quality, not their own, they are helping individuals who are responsible for the quality and things that influence it. "quality care, that is what they do.”