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Is It necessary to Test the Software OR what is the reason to test the software.


To answer the earlier query (s), let's look at the nature of application testing. The group is a application testing service provider. testers provide valuable information & ideas on the state of the method. This information helps to reduce ambiguity about the method. For example, to pick whether to launch a product, decision makers require to know the status of the product, including such aspects as the product complies with the requirements, the usability of the product, any known risks, the product conformity to any legislation applicable, etc. The application testing allows an objective assessment of the degree of method compliance with the requirements & specifications.
Tests confirm that the method complies with different requirements, including functional, performance, reliability, security, user & so on. This test is done to be sure that they are building the right method. In addition, testing validates that the method under development is what the user needs. In essence, validation is done to be sure that they are building the right method. In addition to helping make decisions, the application test information to support risk management.
Application testing helps improve product quality. While finding faults / mistakes is one of the purposes of testing application, not the only purpose. It is important that application testing to confirm & validate that the product complies with the requirements & specifications. Quality improvements help the organization to reduce costs of post-release support & service, while generating customer goodwill that might lead to increased revenue opportunities. Moreover, in situations where products must be sure compliance with regulatory requirements, testing of application to enable to preserve the organization of legal responsibility for verifying compliance.